INTRODUCING...MyFont by Think Ink

What is MyFont?

MyFont is a service from Think Ink, and an optional feature in the new MCS Raptor 10 inkjet software. The MyFont option offers highly personalized addressing at high-speeds and a very low cost!

MCS Raptor software prints your hand written font at full-speed, while at the same time randomizing the characters choosing one of four, on the fly, to look more natural.

  • Improve response rates
  • Go after new markets
  • Save labor and production costs
  • Save your customers money!

Think of the customers you’ll be able to attract and the response rates you’ll get with randomized – and more REALISTIC looking -- handwriting fonts for your addressing jobs!

Expand your prospective customer market.

MyFont by Think Ink is ideal for:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Insurance Industry
  • Financial Industry
  • Religious Organizations

Ask Think Ink about their many color ink options for Eagle/Piezo, Osprey/Fuji, and HP thermal technologies. Call Lisa White at 877-857-2459